Saturday, September 12, 2009

K-Pop hangover

As a prelude of my posts of the family trip to Seoul, South Korea, here's a sampling of current earworms from the Mnet music video channel. Catchy, repetitive beats that will get you hooked for days. Just try to get them out of your head. And these are just the girls!

Click on the links below the images for the music videos on YouTube

T-ara - Lies plus its ballad version in true Asian horror fashion

Enough of the groups! A dance duet: Baek Ji Young (feat. Taec Yeon) - My Ear's Candy

And my brother's favorite, non-danceable but super cute: Park Hye Kyung - High Heels

It's only a matter of time before one or two of these hit Manila. Should we enlist the Cebu inmates to dance to these?

I confess that I have a newfound appreciation for Sandara Park (above, TV capture of their Mnet 20s choice number). 2NE1 is big. If I were in music, I'd like to have a manager like JYP.

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