Friday, December 12, 2008

Puerto Princesa city tour, part 3: Butterfly Farm and Rancho Sta. Monica

On the way to the butterfly farm, ma noticed wild white herons always near carabaos. I didn't even know we had herons here.

I supposed I'm not so impressed with the butterflies because we used to have one in school.


The Mitra clan of politicians is from Palawan. The baluarte, as they call it, is Rancho Santa Monica on Mitra Road, but no one refers to it as that. The house is shaped like a cockpit. The grounds are open to the public. It resembles a mini Tagaytay Picnic Grove. From there you can spot the landfill in the distance, which looks like a dark lake up in the mountains.

oras ng pasyal IMG_1173

film roll

tree and fence

rancho santa monica

red lantern

light through clouds

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