Sunday, December 14, 2008

Balinsasayaw Chicken Grill and Restaurant

Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

The first time we ate at Balinsasayaw Chicken Grill and Restaurant, it was evening and there were many government employees booked to enter by batches according to where they were from. I noticed that many of the diners used that hands to eat instead of utensils.

Neither the nilasing na hipon, crispy large deep-fried shrimps, nor the vinegar dipping sauce that went with them were flavorfill. The unimpressive-looking sweet and sour fish fillet looked more like chicken nuggets. Only its dip was sweet and sour. Surprisingly, the fish tasted great. The kare-kare is thin and not very peanut-y. The fresh coconuts are huge. The meal set us back a whopping P523 for four persons, which was awesome. I guessed that we should have ordered the house specialties, so we came back for lunch.

We got a table in one of the huts. We had the chicken inasal rice meal (P69) and the balinsasayaw (nido) soup. The soup tasted like the nido soup we knew, nothing out of the ordinary, but the chicken was good.

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