Wednesday, December 24, 2008

For your mp3 collection, part 21

wooden star lanterns

For Christmas morn.
Will take a Christmas break until the month's end and deal with the blog backlog in 2009. Happy Holidays!

Belle and Sebastian:"Are You Coming Over For Christmas?"-one less lonely person
Blitzen Trapper:"Christmas is Coming Soon"-here at last
Ez A Divat:"Must be the Neitherlands"-minimal maxi from Hungary

Gangpol & Mit:"Pocket Knife"-Richard Dean Anderson, where art thou?
The Helio Sequence:"Keep Your Eyes Ahead"-layered psychosis
Hula Hooper:"Reach"-far away, far away
Lightspeed Champion:"Another Song About Being Alone at Xmas"-he once was a Christian boy
Melpo Mene:"I Adore You"-suddenly child-like
Niwa:"When She Looked at Me (I Saw Her Wondering)"-mood-altering states
PianoChocolate:"Les Souvenirs"-sweets for your ear to remember
Thiaz Itch:"Earth, Wind and Fire"-what's coming next?

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