Thursday, December 4, 2008

Laoag City

Two drivers, the photographer and I left the city past 9pm for Laoag City, Ilocos Norte. We were on the road for eight hours. We took three short breaks at gas stations along the way. Total gas stations in the north have a promo for cash payments. For P500 worth of gas, you get a cup of coffee, or a bottle of mineral water or juice.

city approach
view from the bridge going into the city

my room

We stayed at Hotel Tiffany, with basic rooms brightened up by stripes. Americana-themed Macy's Diner, where breakfast is served, is on the ground floor.

museu ilocos norte jukebox at macy's diner
Filipiniana and Americana: Museu Ilocos Norte and Macy's Diner jukebox

dried fruit and bark of the samak tree burnay
sugarcane wine making essentials: dried samak fruit and bark, burnay jars

sinking belltower
the massive Sinking Belltower

laoag church
Laoag Church marker

laoag church
Laoag Church interior

Noted a couple of interesting establishments in the city: Gym Carry, a gym and now also a digital photo studio and large format printer, and Ati-Atihan Chikan, which has the tagline "mapapasayaw ka sa sarap".

The trip back took 10 hours because of the rain and some traffic caused by vehicles not wanting to give way on the one-lane bridge.

More photos ahead. No time to write a proper travelogue!

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