Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I don't know Jack (TV) + BsK

Well, now I do. A little... A little break from the Palawan posts.

As much as I am a Hammond girl, the little I saw of Brainiac did not hit the right notes. "They vibrate, they suck, and they do all the things they're supposed to do." Ok, he was talking about vacuum cleaners, but wasn't that a bit too low? So they got vacuum cleaners to lift a person off the ground. Okaaaaay. What next? The busty Brainiac babes in super short skirts blew up a fridge with beer in it using a plastic explosive. Okaaaaay.

Richard eventually left the show. Good on ya, mate! I'll have Mythbusters any day.

More entertaining is Distraction, that game show with Jimmy Carr so weird it could have been Japanese. Just as if it wasn't enough having to answer trivia questions while breaking eggs on your head, wrestling with a professional wrestler, and getting electrocuted on an electric chair every time you blink (with the wrestlers blowing cigarette smoke on your eyes), the winner was unlucky to lose two of his prizes, the Vespa scooter and the flat-screen TV, to the wrecking ball. For masochists only.

As my boss would joke, your work "will ghost you". This is not a ghost story, but it haunts me because it reminds me of how I looked like in college. It's not extreme by any stretch, nor does it tarnish my rep (unlike some other vids out there, but they're all still SFW), but proceed with caution. Salamat, direk!

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