Friday, December 19, 2008

Ka Lui + Paskuhan sa Kapitolyo

bamboo chimes

Everyone takes their shoes off at Ka Lui. The restaurant's bamboo flooring and interiors all made of natural materials. There are many bamboo chimes and artworks. At some tables, patrons sit on cushions on the floor.


The free clam soup has a strong ginger base. The shakes are garnished with a watermelon slice and the fish in coconut milk had basil inside. We had seafood and vegetable tempura, camote tops, prawn and gindara. I especially liked their squid sisig. For dessert, there was fresh fruit salad served in a halved coconut, sprinkled with muscovado sugar.


Ka Lui is open every day 11 to 2 for lunch, 6 to 11 for dinner, save Sundays. Reservations practically essential to avoid a very long wait. Call (048) 433-2580.


We walked down Rizal Avenue to the provincial capitol, where there were two copies of the huge Christmas tree at Baywalk.

The capitol is surrounded by tiangge selling all sorts of things. There is a light and sound show which we didn't wait for because we caught the very end of one. I suppose the locals don't have much to do in these parts, so this is a welcome diversion for the holidays.

too much dust!

I really liked this snowglobe


  1. Hi Erasmusa

    Better late than never..

    Hope your Christmas went great, and cheers to a better, happier, lovelier 2009 ahead!


  2. Thank you so much, Marie! :) All the best!