Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Memory + Write or Die

This is not about that song from Cats (though I did play that on the piano in front of a paying audience twice) and not about your computer's RAM, either. I'm awfully forgetful. I think I'll have Alzheimer's eventually. Where was I?

Shared by one of my contacts on Google Reader: a WIRED piece on memory and a man who wants to remember.

I ended up downloading the old SuperMemo program, but it wasn't so useful without data. Supermemo.net seems a better alternative. I might consider learning Esperanto...

From erasmusa

In general, I edit quickly, write slowly. A recent online discovery got me through one of the most dreaded a person of my profession can have: writer's block. It's called Write or Die. You won't die, but you'll be annoyed enough to actually write. Bookmark it. You might need it someday.

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