Sunday, December 7, 2008

For your mp3 collection, part 20

Just how slow is my laptop? This is an actual screenshot.

Hope you still have space for these songs. I know I don't.

Just buying time because my next batch of travel posts will take a bit of work to process. Patience, please!

Amanyth:"Broken (feat. Amelia June)"-

Everybody Loves Irene:"Crop Circle Me"
-Indonesian dance noir

Inlets:"Decks, Up Above":-idyllic two-part harmony

Lasswell:"Dig Deep Mix"
-ccmixter chill

Kalte Hand:"Floating"-poetic jam

Moosefrog:"New Life (feat. Anji Bee)"-chilled, shaken, not stirred

No Sushi:"Lament"-interesting collaboration

PerlssDj:"Sooner or Later (Light Mix)"-wait after 4:00

The Pernice Brothers:"Cronulla Breakdown"
-hammock heartbreak

Simply Wiggins:"To Love and To Hold"-ambient classical electronica

Younnat:"Radiovision"-best with headphones


  1. To Love and Hold download link changed to -

    Cheers SW :o)

  2. Hey, thanks a lot... I will download the another songs...

    Thanx by finding me, b happy... ;)