Friday, October 31, 2008

(Isa pang) Linggo ng sining + Ana Tzarev Gallery + Superstitions

No deadlines = no money = not good. But then, I can do stuff like this.

Happy Halloween!

Ok, maybe it's not scary enough. That's because it's not meant to frighten anyone. What's with the decapitated head? I didn't have enough clay to make more body parts, but I would love to make a figure next time, preferably from life.


Should I build an empire first, gallery later?

Money would be the least of my problems if I were Ana Tzarev. NYT has an intriguing piece about the artist, who is opening her own gallery in Manhattan on November 24. Her first exhibit, Journey of Discovery, is about her travels. Her works are folk-naive, with fluid lines and startling colors. I wonder how long she spends in one place...


I noticed that there were a couple of garlic cloves on the maid's room window. I asked them if they've had "visitors". They just said no, but since it's All Saint's/All Souls soon, they wanted to be sure the spirits won't come in.

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