Saturday, October 25, 2008

My art week

Square photos, eh? I'm actually not as square as most people think...

The past week was filled with oil work and experiments with clay. I'm pretty sure our helpers were puzzled to see me sitting on the floor, kneading dirt on the marble. But I cleaned up the mess afterwards, so I'm not bothering anyone, really. Two of the Celtic key pattern-inspired pieces broke in transit, but our always-gracious hostess A gave me another lump to work with, so I'm thinking of what to do next.

Three SUVs with open doors. Great drivers think alike?

Thursday, we had another MAG session in Makiling, my first on-the-spot with a live model. I was very pleased with the result even though I only made one small 12" x 9" piece. I was told that I should make the figure bigger to count as a portrait, but being the farthest from the model (15 feet or so), I think that was the best size for what I could see. Next time, I'll bring an easel.

Our very pregnant (and very pretty) sitter was a good sport, as it was extremely humid. With Mang A, D and T, I later headed to CCP for the Borlongan and Bolipata two-man show, and saw the impressive Julie Lluch Dalena retrospective, as well as the mixed media works of Valenzuela, which made me think of stencils, tattoos and this photo I took the other weekend.

tattoo de iloco

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