Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day 2008

Today is Blog Action Day, that one day of the year when bloggers talk about one issue of extreme importance. Let's do this. Let's talk about poverty.

Is it possible to eradicate poverty? In any country, there will always be a lower socio-economic class. It cannot be helped that we live in a capitalist world where those without capital will be left behind. Some would even say that poverty is a state of mind, that it is relative. Someone will always be poorer than other.

But then what about the bottom billion, people who live with less than a dollar a day in Africa, South America and Asia? Is that not poverty?

We cannot trust aid to solve complex situations in every corner of the world; there are just too many Swiss bank accounts waiting for that.

What do we do now? Plan, discuss, think this through. Take a look at these resources. Join the thousands of blogs talking about poverty. Let's change the conversation.

1 comment:

  1. true. para magkaroon ng power structure kelangan ng may power, at ng powerless. ang power, mag-popower-trip, ang powerless ang sasalo sa power-tripping ng power. pag nagka=power ang powerless, iba na ang tawag dun. atsaka ayaw yun ng power. madugo, mamantsahan ang kanilang damit ng mahal nilang binili sa kung saang lupalop.