Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bite-sized food notes

On Krispy Kreme taking the space of Auntie Anne in Galleria: it's the end of an era. Says A, it was the place to meet up, pre-cellphone times, because it was near the entrance and kids then (since they didn't drive) would be dropped off there.

C is a fan of Minute Maid Pulpy Orange. Given that most liquid juices are made from concentrate, this one was slightly better. But the best fruit juice is still the one you make yourself. Nothing beats fresh.

I'm a recent convert of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. It's a great, chilled out place to meet.

We got rid of our Jolly Cow Non-Fat Milk because the BFAD advisory wasn't too clear. The Slim variant was found to have traces of melamine; the pure variety was not found to have any.

This week's dessert: chili chocolate.


  1. 1. When Krispy Kreme replaced Auntie Anne's, it was indeed the end an era. That was the best meeting place, especially when we were required to attend the Edsa celebrations.

    2. Minute Maid is better than Tropicana (syempre nagmention ng ibang brand), but their lemonade is better. :D

    3. Coffee Bean is the best!! The coffee's not to sweet, and not too strong, either :D

  2. winner comment, maan. :) but i must say that even though tropicana twister isn't that great, their pure orange juice is heaven.