Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Touching the Sunlight @ Met Museum

If you happen to be at the Metropolitan Museum, don't just look at the Amorsolos and then leave. Go a little further and take a few steps towards the back to view our exhibit of on-the-spot paintings at the old library. These are the individual works of children with disabilities (autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome) and us mentor-artists in San Jose, Antipolo, as well as the fruits of our interaction at the museum.

The task to paint with Fernando Amorsolo in mind was a huge challenge considering the physical and emotional state of the kids, but somehow we made it through. I enjoyed working with Carl, 12, who was always smiling despite the heat and discomfort of being in a wheelchair by the riverside.

Mang Ato, Thom and I also have plein air oils that we painted in Makiling. The pieces are very small, but I'm still thrilled to have a couple of works on the walls of the Met alongside some very good artists. It doesn't happen often to everyone. And with this so early in my vocation (hahaha), I feel positive about moving forward and discovering the art I want to create.

Touching the Sunlight runs until January 13, 2009


  1. that line made me laugh as well. isn't she funny hehehe. care to exchange links with my new blog www.makoyskie.com?

  2. i think they're making good use of the paris hilton vids to talk about things that matter. using humor, of course. :)

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