Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Something fell from the sky + Eternal sunshine soon?

The other day, I was having my afternoon snack and listening to the Learn Indonesian podcast when I heard something fall into the backyard. A notebook and some folded-up papers? Where from? Turns out, they were the notebook and love letters the couple from the other street were arguing about. I asked our helper to throw them back where they came from.

The woman started shouting for a village guard. One arrived but said he couldn't really send the man away. Crimes of the heart are not his territory.

Whenever this couple argues (and this is not the first time), my (and my brother's) schadenfreude kicks in. It is really a joy to listen because it's so dramatic (pang-FAMAS) and so loud that I can hear it from inside the house. Somehow, it manages to be terribly funny. That's real-life for you.

Kids, maghiwalay na kasi kayo.


Or would they rather forget it happened? Here's hope for all of you seekers of spotless minds: selective memory. What could your "certain unwanted memories" be?

[via BoingBoing]


  1. that notebook i gave you in high school? throw it away too. :) but not towards the couple, ok? In the trash... and burn it. I kinda don't wanna remember how I was back then. :)


  2. i checked my files and i couldn't find it. you will have to describe it to me.

    i don't want to cause environmental damage. is shredding ok?

    still, it's not like i'd blackmail you with it or anything. :D