Monday, October 20, 2008

Forever online

When a batchmade died, it was chilling to see his Facebook account still active. His status messages in the last year of his life reveal his state of mind and heart. His case is one of many. Technograph shares this story about a Pinay who was killed in an accident and given infinite karma by Plurk. Ian Brown posts a Guardian news item about a woman killed by her husband over her Facebook status. Chilling and cautionary.

We remember the online gossip and the resulting suicides, the online suicide notes and murderous intentions and their aftermath. But then think of all those recovering from illness or trauma, or living on borrowed time, who use the Internet to connect and feel more... human. If it is the way we want to be remembered, to be notorious, to live on forever, then so be it. Until the plug is pulled on the Internet.

The virtual world has changed the way we live and die. May all web users departed rest in cyber- and real life peace.