Monday, December 31, 2007

The year in (people) pictures

Some of the reasons why memorable 2007 will be missed. Link to slideshow. If I missed you, sorry. I took about 9,000 photos this year so I just scanned through my files quickly.

I'm thankful to the people who let a stranger like me into their homes. People who I met once and never saw again. People who have made me feel welcome to their country. People who have bothered to type the URL of this blog onto their browser or looked at my Flickr photos and YouTube videos. You have all made this year exceedingly special. I wonder how any year could be better, but we'll knock on wood that things will continue to look up.

Happy New Year to all!


  1. I feel flattered. Happy new year too.

  2. Happy New Year Abby! I hope you had fun celebrating where you were!

  3. @p: now people will wonder where you are in that slideshow. :P

    @ceci: yes, i was happy to be with my family. take care!