Sunday, March 28, 2010

You know it's your birth month when...

The president of your alma mater sends you a love letter. Bless you, Fr. Ben. And thanks for the Sesquicentennial stamps. I'm keeping them for my collection.


  1. Our school wasn't always so attentive, so it's something to be thankful for. Until they send those donation solicitation forms. :)

    Oh, and a belated happy birthday, Abby!

  2. salamat, exie! my birthday is today. :)

    i actually appreciate the attention from admu (the alliteration is accidental). the love letter mentions scholarships, so it's not so subtle. but the effort alone is worth noting. :)

  3. Ay, sorry! Happy birthday to-day! Na-confuse ako sa Facebook alerts ko.

    Hilda told me that time was when alumni would complain that Ateneo would get in touch only when asking for money. So early in the 2000s, the effort was merely to get and stay in touch with alumni. No requests for donations or anything like that. That went on for two or three years. When the relationship was established, only then did the requests for donations resume. But they were always put in the context of the bigger things the school was doing. Plus there are many more activities now, so the donation requests aren't the only things the alums get from the school.

    Glad to say that things are much better a decade letter.

    Have a great day, Abby!

  4. facebook is early sometimes :)

    ah, so that's the story behind it. the wording of the current birthday letter tries hard not to be in-your-face, so it doesn't sound irritating even if you hear from them at least twice a year (the christmas card isn't so bad). if ateneo doesn't meet its scholarship fund goal, i expect to see a donation form in the mail.

    thanks again, exie, and have a great day too!