Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Duet with a stranger, for real

Boys and girls, be careful what you post and link to. You might just get a special request you can't refuse. My post yesterday about my karaoke habit has led me to this. Tada! An mp3 of an actual duet with a stranger. This is me singing A Whole New World with phildec78 who sounds like Brad Kane. So here's my best Lea Salonga impression for Rico, who has given me the much undeserved title of Online Karaoke Queen (naks!). Download if you dare.

Knowing that whatever you upload always comes back to haunt you, I am not posting a video. But the file will be available for a week and if you feel like sharing to make fun of me, keri lang.

And Ian, before you feel ashamed for me, there are 21 fandubs with phildec78's version alone and some of them are pretty good. I'm not in such bad company. Subukan mo. :)



    i didn't say i was ashamed for you LOL i just didn't think you were into such an activity. i sing a lot myself.

    great voice btw. and i join the appeal for you to upload the videos!!!!

  2. addendum: i'm a ditzy nerdy postgrad writer and painter who loves to travel, take photos, play RPGs and perform (even if it makes me a big bundle of nerves). we all have hobbies and interests that will surprise many people, right?

    thanks, ian! your turn ;)

  3. Hey, nice voice. Yes, you are now my idol as Online Karaoke Queen. *bows* I still don't have the guts to post anything like that yet, hahaha! =)

    Good job! =)

  4. salamat, hogi! i think song choice is very important here. kaya mo yan :)

  5. im a geeky, attention-deficient dreamer;an autodidact, half-baked artist who loves science;a part time gamer and musician wannabe. my guilty pleasures include lady gaga, asian girl groups and crying to korean drama :P

    if "its my turn" means posting my singing on the web... ill pass :P
    my voice is too deep for singing id rather not embarrass myself hehe. have a great day abby :)

  6. didn't expect a confession there. hahaha! have a good week :)

  7. wasn't able to check your blog for a couple of months.. too bad i didn't get to catch this one-week engagement of your online singing! any chances of a repeat performance in the near future? :D