Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Duets with strangers

I have a confession to make. I sing with strangers. Go ahead, laugh. I don't mean I walk into videoke bars and take the mic. (The gay host will think I'm not singing because I cannot be heard. My voice is so small that everything I sing sounds Disney-fied even when it's Celine Dion--when I have the courage to attempt her songs.) Instead I look for singing partners on Youtube like mrbroadwaydork, SungHero and mss12000. I go mainly for showtunes backing tracks, but the occasional pop song slips through. But no, I'm not uploading the resulting recordings. I was about to put a 93-second clip of five spliced soundtrack themes, but I stopped myself before I could embarrass myself that much. It's enough that you know these things. :)

Rico of technogra.ph has an interesting suggestion. Pwede, pwede.


  1. Hahaha, I sing with mrbroadwaydork also! =)

  2. see, ian? di ako nag-iisa :D

    hogi, knowing that makes me feel better. heehee!

  3. Thanks for the other YouTube links, by the way. I just sang "Don't Stop Believing" with mss12000. Of course, I still can't get sick of singing "I'd Give It All For You" with mrbroadwaydork.

    Try going to alittledazzled's account. You can sing Wicked's "For Good" with her. She has both Elphaba's and Galinda's parts. =)

  4. true, mrbroadwaydork's "i'd give it all for you" is fantastic.

    i've tried doing both parts of "for good by myself". it sounds a little strange. happy singing! :)

  5. Yegads. I haven't done a Karaoke recording in ages.

    Maybe I should keep it that way. LOL.

  6. I almost forgot that you've been doing this (or not) for a while now. Hee hee!