Monday, March 15, 2010

Podcast picks 4

Time to update podcasts. Two of my latest picks come from familiar networks. Modern Manners Guy comes from the Quick and Dirty Tips network. (That sounds ironic, no?) You'll hear Grammar Girl's voice in the outro. It's strangely comforting. Stuff Mom Never Told You from the How Stuff Works network has two girls instead of two guys (as in Stuff You Should Know). Reluctant feminists unite! Then update your psychology knowledge with the latest studies from Scientific American's 60-Second Psych.

And then there are the independent podcasters. Bill Wilson's Wine For Newbies is very informative, even if you don't consider yourself a wine drinker. It will be useful when you give out bottles as presents at Christmastime. Charles Hodgson's Podictionary is for word nerds who dream of becoming etymology semi-experts. His voice sounds cutest (in a grandfatherly way) when reading ads.

Yaps, will you ever get the podcast up and running?

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