Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where we are + DA:O-A

Click on the map image to view

A tiny initiative of mine, an attempt at fostering a sense of community among Pinoy Erasmus Mundus students and alumni. I'm asking them to pin their location on Umapper so we can find out where we are. So far only 20+ out of all the 130-something have marked their locations, and some are semi-successful attempts without names and courses. Many of the earlier batches probably don't know that we have a yahoo group and blog, so I hope they find out about all these. May kilala ka bang EM? Spread the word.

My status message: half Morrigan, half Wynne. I miss my mages. The expansion pack Dragon Age: Origins - Awakenings comes out today. Celebrate with The Guild!


  1. i saw that status on facebook sometime ago... i was like wut?

    i know these characters now! i just got wynne

  2. cool! what's your main character? just waiting for the expansion pack now

  3. human rogue assassin; she was slow at first, but now she's picking up with the damage. i enjoy disengaging with stealth and picking where to strike. but the mage spells are so much fun.

    have you tried a different class (i assume you play a mage)? do they have different storylines?

  4. elf mage. i've tried different race/class combinations but they all intersect at the point where duncan fetches you. worth trying out :)