Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chocolate Saturday

I'm not sure if this had something to do with my deadline, but I had a sweet craving last Saturday. My mid-morning drink of choice: Starbucks Hot Chocolate straight from the one-kilo tin that's been sitting in the kitchen for a while now. I made two cups, both of which I drank because my brother didn't want one. I ordered Hot Chocolate at Starbucks a few days prior, so I know they taste exactly the same.

After dinner, I opened the gold foil pack of French Truffles that has been in the fridge for at least two months now. I was afraid the contents would be spoiled, so I tasted one cautiously. It was so good that I had to have another one. And another. And another.

The truffles don't look tasty. The website joy of baking explains why:
This mixture is really a Ganache that is rolled into mis-shaped rounds to look like the real truffle fungus that grows around the roots of trees in France and Italy. Once the truffles are formed they are then rolled in cocoa powder to simulate the 'dirt' that the real truffles grow in.
Still, they're fantastic melt-in-your-mouth desserts. I'm not even the type who eats plenty of chocolate, (just a square or two at a time), but I'm afraid I'll finish the whole pack by myself (there are about 60 pieces).


  1. these are my favorite chocolates :) still have packets in the ref longer than two months :P

  2. that's good to hear. still haven't finished the pack. tinitipid, hehehe :)