Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh Vincent! part 2

Me: "If you turn gay at 40, I would not be surprised"
Him: "Sorry, I like girls. (breaks into song) I am not...the boy next door" (parodying Hugh Hackman's gay character in The Boy from Oz)

"I met a pretty girl last night. She has an older sister I'll meet her next next week. Two for the price of one!" Uhh, price?

On giving flowers on V-Day: "Bakit ako magbibigay? Kailangan sila [ang magbigay].

On why a school trip to Macau and Hong Kong is needed: "Importante ang Disneyland at casino sa kanilang education."

"My life does not revolve around me... The world revolves around me!"

On why the dragon dance is long: "This is a mall. Maraming evil spirits."