Thursday, January 22, 2009

Missing Eu + Pangea anthems

J has been asking me: "Do you miss Europe?"

Well, what do you think? Hint:

Missing Winter, 12in x 12in, oil on canvas, 2008

I had resigned myself to not returning to London for a while. I thought attending the presentation ceremony in March would be a waste of money. But a few months ago, my dad said he wanted to see me graduate.

That means I will tour my family around London and show them where I lived. That also means I can stuff myself with kiwis and plums. I thought about K's offer to stay with them in Zone 4, which is the practical alternative to a Bayswater hostel.

But then later my dad said that though he has never been to the UK, he doesn't want to walk anyway and maybe we should just save our money. The flight is long and expensive. Besides, there are many cheaper and closer places to go to, and we haven't even traveled around the Philippines much. He says we could use the money to pay off the car.

There was a chance to go to Budapest in February for a conference, but I passed it up for something more important...

I don't think I'll be back in Europe for a while.

One of my Christmas cards came back with this sticker. It went all the way to Denmark and back, unopened. I'm not sure if I envy it.


After watching Pangea Day's Anthems playlist, you'll never see or hear national anthems the same way again


  1. wow you passed up a conference in budapest? that something you prioritized must be something really important :)

  2. it's important to me, but i can imagine other people thinking otherwise. will post about it soon :)

  3. I live in a city, six-hour car drive away from Budapest. And my mission is to drag as many as possible CoMundus students to South East Europe. Two down, so much more to go:)

  4. i don't need convincing, only funding ;)