Friday, January 2, 2009

Marciano's @ Greenbelt

Marciano's is Italian cuisine by way of New York. It is one of the restaurants actor Marvin Agustin co-owns. The atmosphere of the place is great because of the interiors: mirrors, chandeliers, curtains, grey chairs with attitude.

The large servings are good for sharing, so they aren't very pricey if you choose well. I didn't note all of the names of the dishes. For appetizer, we went for mussels and clams served with bread in a heady soup. I was pretty sure there were more empty shells that actual shellfish. But I like the serving bowls.

We had risotto with pancetta. It looks like arroz caldo, but it was so rich, I knew I was eating more oil than I should in a week. Good at first, but umay-tastic. To think that four of us shared this.

Tried pizza with quail eggs, artichoke and arugula. It seemed healthier than Manhattan Meatlovers.

Jim and Jme with Pork Pavarotti. Should they rename it now that the tenor has lost weight since the tenor lost weight before he died in 2007?

We were the last to leave the place. I'm just glad the staff didn't bug us!


  1. "Should they rename it now that the tenor has lost weight?"

    Didn't he die in 2007, or is there another Pavarotti?!

  2. correct! my bad. let me rephrase that :)