Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Chelsea Market & Cafe @ Serendra

The place seemed very popular, so we had to see what Chelsea Market & Cafe was all about. It was almost 130pm but we still had to wait for a table.

Inside, you'll get the deli-resto feel, with eclectic decor. It can get very noisy. I like the uniform of their servers, both male and female, best: black tee, brown leather skirt/apron and hi-cut footwear. The complimentary focaccia was served with a whole (or half?) head garlic that's been immersed in olive oil for quite some time. I love the blue water glasses. And it's not everyday that you utensils are heavy.

We had rosemary chicken and crispy bacon salad, which was very good. It's has a creamy dressing and generous with the cheese and nuts. The fritto misto collection (below) has fried artichokes, lemons, asparagus (not so young) and calamari, served with sour cream and tomato dips. I'd say it's fine, but more of an appetizer.

We tried out the 10" smoked salmon and greens pizza, which tricks you into thinking that you're eating something healthy (with all that cheese, I doubt it). The pizzas also come in a larger size.

For drinks, I split a carafe of strawberry iced tea with my mom. My brother had a carafe of regular iced tea all to himself.

Chelsea also serves pasta, soup and cheese fondues. You can also get cakes here (280/310 per slice), as well as wines, cheeses, specialty meats. Is it worth a return trip? I think so.

An aside: Hooters is open on Rozas Boulevard. My brother's 12-year-old friend had her birthday there (whose idea it was, he doesn't know). He says that the food is great, but the girls appeal to foreigners, not Filipinos. I see...


  1. I was talking to hubby yesterday, and we're just amazed at how ..special.. (?) the pinoys are. Amidst the whole financial crisis frenzy we still manage to open new restos, food trends, etc! :) I would love to be in Manila to try all these new places. I think Manila is the best place in the world to enjoy meals, coupled with good company..

  2. there are lots of new dining choices. megamall atrium has a few new ones. i suppose when the third largest mall in the world is completed at north edsa, we'll have more. the block at north edsa also has some i haven't tried. :)