Sunday, January 11, 2009

Eliseo's @ Areva, MMLDC

Hello and goodbye again to B, who was kind enough to give me a DVD of his film (on rotation again on CinemaOne). I missed the last time he was in town, so I made sure I saw him the past week.

In an effort to escape the color-coding scheme (a misnomer as all Metro Manila residents know), we went up to the hills of our wonderful city, Antipolo.

As a balikbayan, he found it harder to make the trek down because there are new cafes where you can hang out instead of going to the capital to chill and take advantage of free wifi. We did not, however, go to such cafes. We went to Eliseo's, the restaurant at the Areva Pavilion of the MMLDC on Sumulong Highway. I had never been there before, though I studied at a nearby school. (Or perhaps I had been when it was still Valdez Farm...can't recall).

I ordered the Kani-Unagi salad (P145), which tasted good, just as expected. B thought the serving was small for the price.

I had Iced Latte (P85), which I thought was reasonable for all that cream. B was sure he ordered mango cheesecake but there was only strawberry cheesecake (P110) which was more of cherry cheesecake with strawberry syrup. Not a lot of cheese there, so it was forgettable.

There are more food choices on the menu. I'll definitely come back to try them. It's the kind of place you'd want to have a family lunch on a Sunday.

B in his lucky shirt

It was rainy, so it was no exploring that day. But the place is the kind of verdant, rolling landscape that's peaceful and relaxing. MMLDC is available for a wide range of events from conferences and seminars to teambuilding, weddings and debuts to other recreational activities. There's even a residence hall. The aviary is supposed to be quite good. And there's a fancy jeep called The Shuttle, which does just that: go round and round the area.

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