Saturday, January 10, 2009

High-calorie Filipino dessert drinks

You gotta love taho (above), beancurd in a watery caramel sauce, and sago't gulaman (below), tapioca and jelly, also in a watery caramel sauce. You normally use a spoon for taho and a wide straw for sago't gulaman.


  1. I love taho! They sell it in yogurt like containers at the Asian store here and call it "tofu pudding" (that doesn't sound very appetizing though) but it's decent taho. It comes with a ginger-y sauce which is much like the sauce that it usually comes with in the Philippines but it doesn't come with tapioca balls (sago)! That picture is making me crave for it so, so badly!

  2. sounds close enough. i wonder how hard it is to make your own :)

  3. uh-oh :) hope you find healthier alternatives over there!