Sunday, January 4, 2009

It was not his year

Will Adolf ever get any love? YouTubers have way too much fun using this clip from Der Untergang (Downfall, 2004) for everything. And that's great parody. From "serious topics" such as real estate downfall, BNP membership leak, John McCain's defeat, and Obama in Berlin, to pop culture references such as the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince delay, Superbowl, Burning Man, and The Dark Knight, Hitler has become something of an angry victim.

More so online. He finds out that he's a joke on YouTube, that his subtitles are wrong, has Vista problems, gets a Mac, gets scammed on eBay, and gets banned from World of Warcraft, Yahoo Answers and Wikipedia, among others. Will it ever end?

As my brother pointed out, different people made these. View counts range from the low thousands to over a million. From those I saw on the sidebars, the earliest one was uploaded in January 2007 but uploads increased in 2008. The earlier ones focused on games; later ones on issues. It would make an interesting study. As of this writing, people were still uploading their own parodies. He lives on.

Itching to make your own? Try this.

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