Monday, January 12, 2009

ACET results 2009 + Endearmints

Drama, comedy and stereotypical characters. It's almost scripted. The first few seconds after the (literal) unveiling of the ACET results at Blue Eagle Gym.

Panalo lines: "BMH! BMH!" (Management Honors), "Waitlisted, 'tangina!", "ME, pare" (Management Engineering)

Old school paper results and other photos here. Is there a need to post these results when you can access the results from the ADMU site? Yes. There's human error in encoding. At least one person who passed did not see her name on the official site because of typos. Seeing the list as printed became her validation. The obvious solution to this mess? Upload the PDF of the results. No messy database needed. Adobe Reader's search function should work fine enough. And if you really wanted to be sure, you could scroll down.


Picasa won't let me rotate it, so...

Sweeter than it is minty.

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