Friday, August 29, 2008

Mister Donut @ SM Megamall

After renovation, Mister Donut at SM Megamall is now a few notches classier. Is it turning into Red Ribbon or Le Coeur? I wonder. There are now rice meals with egg, a slice of tomato and cucumber: chicken sausage, chicken krainier, spicy Hungarian sausage or triple sausage (one of each kind) for P68 ala carte or P88 super combo (with softdrink and three Smidgets--Munchkins in Dunkin Donuts speak).

There's also pasta: meattie spaghetti (such spelling!) for P43 ala carte and P65 super combo, and cheezy meattie spaghetti (agh!) or fettucine for P55/P77.

The snackwiches, and single and double donut combos are still there, but there are new items such as the P35 fondue with a choice of chocolate or strawberry dip, three Smidgets, three mallows and three wafer sticks. My reading of the menu is that they do not offer coffee with the meals so that people will still buy the donut combos and in the end, that will still be the main product. Smart, eh?

Ma described the cheezy meattie spaghetti as very kiddie party-ish. I thought the fettucine was fine, except for the cheese product grated over it. If it's not parmesan or a hard cheese, why push it?


There is a woman who brings her children to Megamall every day to beg from customers of food outlets. I didn't bother to read what was written on the card the kids leave on the table, but whatever the reason may be, the practice is lamentable. There must be a better way to promote honest labor.

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