Wednesday, January 23, 2008

MA dissertation update #6: Demystifying data analysis

I happened to have enough colored paper, one shade for each participant. (I maintain that I'm not even OC at this rate!) After this shot, I got a pair of scissors and started cutting up the sheets. Manual coding, literally.


  1. hi abby!

    Hmm, I wonder which colour you picked for me, or did you do it randomly? Thanks for your email, i only read it recently as I hardly open my yahoo account…u can email me at instead.

    I hope you’re having a grand time in Manila.  ingats.

  2. hi denden! at first, i assigned colors on purpose, pairing up the participants i thought were similar (light and dark shades of pink, yellow, green and blue). but by the second round, the colors were already random.

    manila's fine. occasional showers. i only go out on weekends because i have to write.

    thanks for the heads-up and for stopping by!

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