Monday, January 28, 2008

Birthday feast

Sumo Sam, Shangri-La Plaza
Treated my mom to lunch. This is all I managed to shoot. It's the anchovies covered with something gooey and sweet (honey or caramelized sugar?). We had gyoza, and grilled chicken with linguine, the name of which escapes me.

Casa Armas, The Podium
Dinner at a Spanish restaurant is usually pricey, so we reserve it for special occasions. We had croquetas with jamon and croquetas with pollo (jamon is way better), paella and a seafood mix in red sauce. We stuffed ourselves with the complimentary bread that we could barely finish all the prawns.

I was disappointed that the in-house singer-guitarists didn't know how to sing Happy Birthday in Spanish but was surprised when they started singing in Chinese for the other tables.

Not in a blogging mood then because I was jotting down an idea for a story. I would have forgotten to bring out my camera if my brother did not shoot any pictures with his.

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