Saturday, January 19, 2008

Greenbelt and the arts 1: Galerie Hans Brumann

What first drew me to Galerie Hans Brumann was the familiarity of the geometry and the hues on the canvases. The circle in the square. Three distinct colors. The first artist I thought of was Nestor Vinluan, whose work I had encountered before. Stepping inside the gallery, I was surprised to see my former teacher Antonio Salac Santos "keeping house". He showed me Norberto Carating's acrylics , showing different facets of the artist's work. At times rigid and governed by order, resulting in textures resembling woven plant fibers, Carating (who is indeed Vinluan's contemporary) does not completely succumb to structure in his other pieces, as if seized by a frenzy of color half the time in the work process.

But my favorite piece has to be Brumann's skillful nacre-and-steel work set against a pure white background. The slender posts break into the third dimension in elegant angles, if angles could be called such.

Catching up with Antonio was such a great release for me. I had wanted to get in touch with him three years ago but could not find his contact details. Just talking about Italy and work and the future felt like synchronicity. It's as if the universe was telling me, "You're not sold on your mom's advice? Puwes, here's a second opinion." So that's why I was itching to go to Greenbelt 5 since I arrived!

Although Antonio's and Jim Paredes' classes were the least academic ones I took in Ateneo, they were the best in preparing me for life in the so-called real world. We are all travellers and artists on this journey after all.


  1. What a beautiful blog you have! I am sure that it reflects a lot about you. :-)

    Lots of posts, not enough time to read them all, but I'll work on it over the next few days.

    About Greenbelt 5: I've mentally stopped counting at GB3, but somehow allowed the idea of a GB4 to creep in. Now, GB5...well....I have to work on that, too.

  2. thanks for stopping by!

    there's still a lot of work being done at GB5, but it should be fine in a couple of months. it looks like an arts center from the outside, so the ayala museum is not out of place beside it.