Sunday, April 29, 2007

Saturday, when it rained

Would you like a 399kr(~P3470) postbox?

Temps reached 20 degrees Thursday, and Friday could have been hotter. Yesterday seemed just as fine. The Danes were only too excited to wear sandals and tank tops. Note to self: lock knits away.

On the way to Kbh I chatted with a Pinay au pair who sat beside me in the S-train. She said that she is from Negros and she arrived in December. Her employer is her tiyahin, who is married to a Dane. Au pairs can only stay for a year plus a six-month extension, but no longer than that, which explains why they're all so young.

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Mariel, Kristine and I had lunch at Samos for 39kr(~P340), possibly the cheapest buffet in town. Then we walked along Strøget for window shopping. It seemed that the whole of Copenhagen was out to get spring clothes or ice cream. I ended up buying my first ever article of clothing from Denmark: a dress from H&M which is nearly identical to a dress I have in Manila. Come to think of it, it also looks like the dress I wore for my old blog profile photo. Maybe that's why I couldn't let it go.

On the way to Nørreport, Kristine and I were hailed (Althusser comes to mind) by a Pinoy couple who were looking for canal tours. It had started drizzling at the time and we were probably quite obvious with Kristine's broken umbrella (nobody else was using one).

This bothered me. One the next shop's window, written in the same blue spraypaint was "Mohamad Djibouti". Hmm.

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