Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Louisiana Museum for Moderne Kunst

I miss painting.

Tucked away in an unexpected corner of Denmark (but not far from Helsingør, Louisiana is an inspiring backdrop for modern art. We saw the Made in China and the Cindy Sherman exhibits. I thought the former was well curated and the body of artwork diverse and insightful. The latter I found too exhibitionist and somewhat narcissist, like something a photogenic vain person would do. Haha! The permanent collection isn't huge, but there's a Liechtenstein, a couple of Picassos, a few Warhols and a number of Baselitzes. Didn't take pictures of the artwork, sorry. Just abiding by the rules.

The grounds of the museum lead all the way down to the water. There are outdoor sculptures and lots of space to have a picnic under the sun.

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