Thursday, April 22, 2010

Taste test

Kirin, Bonifacio High Street
Chinese cuisine

Their roast duck (above), unlike others I have tried, is not dry at all. Their rice toppings are large; the tausi fish is just fine. But their egg tart (below) is not as Macanese as I had hoped.

Kuse by Chef's Quarter, McKinley Piazza
Filipino food, some with a twist

Their Batangas Bulalo is lean, not oily. This cream dory (above) is filled with chopped mushrooms and has some angel hair pesto to go with it. Their mini okoy is crispy; the garlic dulong rice is dilis more than anything else.

And if you're still not used to having someone at your table taking out a camera before you eat, get used to it.


  1. *sigh* You made me hungry!

  2. i did? your muffin post made me feel full just by looking at the photos! :)