Friday, April 30, 2010

Summer reading

I haven't read anything remotely similar to them since college (think Mr. Darcy and Miss Jones), but I wanted to give Asian Chic a try. These three chick lit novels from Marshall Cavendish, reprinted and distributed locally by Anvil (not the publishing house you'd expect to carry titles like this), are all by Filipina authors. I took my signed copies of Tara FT Sering's Amazing Grace, Noelle Chua's Mrs. MisMarriage and Maya Calica's Undercover Tai Tai with me to the beach(es), and the books' effects on me were not quite what I expected. Amazing Grace is a hormonal chase that hits close to home; Mrs. MisMarriage is a thoughtful, sobering dissection of wedded life; Undercover Tai Tai is a fun romp that made me fantasize about an undercover agent. I'm glad I read them in that order. Hooray for feminine feminist fiction!

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