Saturday, April 10, 2010

Floor Sample, a creative memoir

Unsatisfied with the selection of art materials at the bookstore, I decided to use the gift certificates on art books. After carefully choosing two thick volumes, I had P110 left to spend. Other than thin, trashy novellas, I couldn't find anything of that price in the local books section, so I headed for the sale bins. "Who is the author of The Artist's Way?" asked mama. "Julia Cameron," I replied. She showed me this.

Originally P499, slashed to half price, then finally to 80% off at a flat P100. Perfect. The universe is conspiring.

In The Artist's Way, Julia Cameron gives recovering creatives some direction, but in Floor Sample, it is clear that her own path has not been straightforward. It cannot be. Her interests have taken her in different directions. (I can relate to that.) But what frightens me are the challenges she faced along the way: alcoholism, failed marriages, breakdowns, frequent movement between cities. Everyone needs a support system. Artists are no exception.

I picked up my current status message from the poem in the beginning of the book: "Never forget to say thank you. Every syllable is a grace."

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