Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Light painting, or how I spent Earth Hour

Lights off from 830 to 930 pm last March 27 for Earth Hour. I could only take ghostly images like this.

So with one hand on the camera, I took my laptop charger and fiddled with it a little. I only had a vague idea of the principles behind light painting, so I had to experiment a bit.

I ended up with a terrible headache, but I think it was worth the trouble.


  1. ... a girl has got to eat ... or she'll end up on the street... :P

    did you have to write this flipped? or photoshop?

    some time ago on fubiz i saw some dudes actually doing animations with light paintings... i remember it was a hopping rabbit. galing!

  2. actually, i was thinking more of the beatles than the elephant love medley :)

    wrote the words separately, in the normal orientation. the only editing is saving them all together in one image. :)

  3. haha ... and i thought you liked musicals.

  4. i love musicals, but i was thinking of a certain scene in Love, Actually :)