Friday, January 15, 2010

Hong Kong food diary

Part of the joy of traveling is the pleasure of eating. Hong Kong must be a foodie's paradise...except that I didn't know where to look. And because of my budget, I was inclined to go for fast food (lousy, I know).

The first things I had in Hong Kong came from a bakeshop. Not this one exactly, but close. Places like this are quite common.

My first real meal when I arrived was at the Yoshinoya midway between the hotel and the MTR station. I tried something they didn't offer in Manila: Assorted Mushroom Congee. Their signature beef is served with it as a side dish. The meal comes with either jasmine tea or a softdrink. They also have shabu shabu, which I thought was quite interesting. The meals cost nearly twice as much in Hong Kong compared to the Philippines, but they have student meals that are cheaper, approaching Pinas prices.

This is at Langham Place in Mongkok. Their chicken rice is weird. And cold. And I am so awful at chopsticks, my late grandfather would be ashamed of me. Didn't like the cabbage soup. The red bean shake is so-so.

I braved the crowds at their local Chowking of sorts, Cafe de Coral. I try my best to not look unfamiliar with their ordering system. Shared a table with a couple. Struggled with my chopsticks again (di pa rin natuto, pumili pa rin ng pagkaing kailangang himayin).

Met my friend R at Simplicity Crepes + Wine (then on its soft opening) in Lan Kwai Fong. I immediately knew that I had to try The Hong Kong (above). It's unlike any crepe (savory or otherwise) that I've had. Yummy and filling, just what I needed before going bar-hopping later that evening.

Right after arrival from Macau, I went to McDonalds at the Sheung Wan ferry terminal. How about this? Grilled Chicken Burger, Chocolate Pie and Strawberry Milkshake.

The next day, I wandered sleepily around Tsim Sha Tsui and found Macau Dai Pai Dong. I ordered Portuguese Egg Tarts and Macanese Blended Coffee. Really good.

Worth noting: I saw Shin's MV on TV. There's a poledancer and the San Miguel neon sign--the ultimate sign of seediness? And oh, how come they have giant San Miguel beer bottles here?

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