Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh Vincent! part 1

The alternate title for this post series is Things My Brother Told Me (That Either Made Me Guffaw Or Shake My Head). His quotes in quotation marks. Everything else is mine.

"The maids have iPods?!?"
In case you haven't noticed, dear brother, they have better phones than everyone in our family. Move on.

"Pen name ko lang si Bob Ong"
You haven't even read his books!

"Before there were heels, there were wheels"
Not original, but true

"C'mon, it's the Thousands!"
So nobody knows what to call the 2000s. But I'm sure that's not it.

After his immersion with a marginalized community: "I don't want to be poor"
Clearly, Ateneo failed.

While choosing fonts for the watermark for his photos: "I haven't had this problem since...Banner Mania"
Oh yes, all your college papers were in Times New Roman


A writer I was talking to turned out to be the former boss of another Vincent, a high school friend of mine who is currently an EM scholar. I told the writer that I had seen Vincent last week. Vincent is here on break between his London and Gothenburg semesters.

Later that evening, I ran into Vincent as I left Megamall.

Even later that evening, the writer ran into Vincent on the bus on her way home.

The universe has very large ears.

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