Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jessica's choice

A blog post I found on the front page of Wordpress, Childless By Choice, drew a lot of comments. I think it's worth reading. I'm not saying that I don't want kids eventually (more of in-between at the moment, so the clincher is the significant other's choice), but it's clear that:

1) there are some people who should not be parents
2) those who do not want to have children should not feel pressured to have them


  1. thanks for sharing.i applaud her. she speaks my sentiments. every decision should be a real choice. parenting is a serious job. children are little aliens from another dimension -- someone better show them the world properly. :D

    we have so many different choices for trivial things like coffee,instant noodles and spas; surely we have a choice on how we want to live, don't we?

  2. hear, hear!

    and thanks for being my most active commenter, ian. i appreciate the feedback :)