Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Three pairs too many

say faux: nubuck, crushed, suede in different heights and colors

I have three pairs of boots, three pairs too many for Manila. But I don't care because I love my boots the same way stiletto girls love their high heels.

Checking out the shoes at the mall last weekend, I was astounded by the rather decent selection of boots at Auztralian (predominantly black high heels) and Primadonna (black, gray and brown flats). I'm biased towards Primadonna because of their styles and soles. When I bought my black pair there last year, there were only two styles in three colors. Now they have more styles, and ones I really liked (I even woke up the following morning thinking about their new boots--as if I need more). At under P2,000, the prices are somewhat reasonable compared to, say, Aldo, Promod or Zara. But of course you can't beat the Hong Kong markets. I haggled for my two other pairs there for HKD300 (~P1765) total.

Because of my budget, all the pairs of boots I've ever owned have been synthetic leather, which chips off in two years or so. Forgive me if I insist on wear them off-season, which in the Philippines is practically all year!

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