Thursday, December 31, 2009

Party time!

Before we count down the minutes to 2010, a last look at Times Square HK's holiday mini-mag.

And now, time to party with DJ Earworm's United State of Pop 2009 mashup of Top 25 Billboard Hits!


  1. Hi Abby!

    I stumbled on your blog. Nice mp3s! I especially like Jonathan Boulet.(Mp3 collection, part 27). I'll link your blog to mine, hope that's okay. Happy New Year!

    Mia S.

  2. ian and mia: added both of you to my blogroll. i have both of you on my reader, so you'll hear from me from time to time. manigong bagong taon din sa inyo! :)

  3. hey thanks! :) i didn't know you had a blogroll... oh goodie lemme check. i actually found your site on sunshine's ;)

  4. it's a dropdown list, so i don't think it counts as a link. i oughta clean it out nga eh. i suppose a lot of my contacts have stopped blogging :)