Tuesday, December 15, 2009

City Garden Hotel, Hong Kong

City Garden Hotel is in Fortress Hill, a residential area a few stops from Central on Hong Kong Island. The surrounding blocks are commercial, so there are enough establishments for most needs.

The bad: the view

The lobby was spruced up for the holidays

It was surprisingly new, well-maintained and a real joy to look at. My tita even wanted to stay in because she found their room so nice. We didn't know what kind of room we got, but from looking at the website, I guessed that we got a Signature Room, the highest class below suite. I'd definitely recommend the hotel...if you had the money for it or don't have to pay for it yourself. Otherwise, go for a less expensive place. You won't be staying long in your room anyway. But City Garden Hotel is where you'd go if you want to treat yourself but didn't want to be in Central or Tsim Sha Tsui.

city garden hotel lobby

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