Friday, December 11, 2009

From The Guardian's 100 Essential Websites

Ten picks from The Guardian's 100 essential websites

Art Daily The first "art newspaper" on the net.

Information is Beautiful Creating effective infographics is one of today's key skills, and on this site, it's also an art. An archive of some of the finest examples of "information aesthetics".

News Lite respite from stress with daft cGreat source of news that's much too trivial to print.

Oddee Setting an internet standard for sets of curious and mildly amusing pictures, not cats.

Popurls Aggregating the aggregators: the web in a window.

Posterous Goes from instant microblogging into lifestreaming.

Soup A "super-easy" tumblelog for scrapbook keeping and lifestreaming.

Wolfram Alpha An "answer engine"that delivers when it has the data, but not that easy to use.

XKCD Stick-figure strip poking fun at geek topics and relationships.

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