Saturday, August 29, 2009

Turumba sa Teresa, part 1

On the feast day of St. Rose of Lima, the patroness of Teresa, Rizal, the parishioners dance the Turumba to honor Our Lady. I don't really know much about the history. All I know is that I have not joined the procession for a long time.

I wasn't even sure if I should walk (or dance, like many others did). It seemed like it would rain soon. But as the people left the covered court of Barangay Bagumbayan, where there was a concelebrated Mass, I thought, it's now or never.

di na uso ang bilog na balloon

of the four marching bands, they had the wackiest costume

my girls A and I joined me in walking

It was like a barangay cheering contest, with pockets of people shouting what seemed to be the turumba song, waving calla lilies, branches of leaves and flags. There were various Sta. Rosa de Lima shirts, too.

From the tail end of the procession, we managed to overtake everyone and arrived at the parish church several minutes ahead of everyone else. We climbed up the belltower and waited for the people to arrive.


  1. Nice, i wish may mapuntahaan akong mga ganyan dito sa Rizal. haha

  2. darating din ang araw na yun. pero kung hindi man, malapit-lapit na rin ang teresa :)