Friday, August 28, 2009

Is Broadway becoming cooler?

Ne-Yo, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Leighton Meester, Cobra Starship and Russell Brand do West Side Story to promote VMA Side Story for the MTV Video Music Awards.

The Guardian reports that The Who's Pete Townshend is writing a new musical. Even if it's about aging, it's enough proof that there's much less tension between rock and musical theater these days.

[both via Arts Journal]

And oh, Spring Awakening is coming to Manila soon. I haven't made up my mind about it yet.


  1. I was actually surprised to see Leighton Meester in that West Side Story inspired video, haha.
    Oh please watch Spring Awakening. One of my closest friends is in the cast. =)

  2. a friend actually bought a show and tickets are pretty expensive. another friend is looking at stage seats for another playdate, but i'm not sure i'd like to be that close to the action. i'm pretty ambivalent because i don't like all of the songs :)